Pioneering a Sustainable Future: Jebsen & Jessen Group's 2022 Sustainability Report Sets New Standards

Marking a first in the industry, Jebsen & Jessen Group adopts the groundbreaking UN-endorsed FBSD framework, showcasing commitment and leadership in sustainability.

Jebsen & Jessen Group, a diversified industrial conglomerate, recently published its groundbreaking 2022 sustainability report, marking a significant milestone as the first family business to apply the Sustainability Indicators for Family Business (SIFB). This initiative aligns with the ‘Family Business for Sustainable Development’ (FBSD) framework, co-developed by the Family Business Network (FBN) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

The report, titled ‘Our Mackerel Spirit: Navigating the Currents of Sustainable Development as a Family Business in South East Asia’, demonstrates Jebsen & Jessen Group's dedication to sustainable change through self-accountability and transparency. It reflects on the Group’s 30-year journey in sustainability, highlighting key achievements and future goals.

Heinrich Jessen, Chairman of Jebsen & Jessen Group, expressed his pride in the company’s progress and reaffirmed their commitment to comprehensive sustainability, having signed the Family Business Sustainability Pledge. He emphasized the ongoing nature of sustainable development and the company's role in shaping a sustainable future.

Key aspects of the report include:

  1. Group-wide Sustainability Strategy: Adhering to the FBSD framework, the report details the Group’s efforts in economic, environmental, social, institutional, and family business sustainability, particularly focusing on Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) standards.
  2. Notable Achievements:
    • Achieving 100% carbon neutrality in 2011 as the first industrial company in South East Asia.
    • Offsetting 46,052 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in 2021.
    • Investing heavily in employee training, with over 33,000 hours and SGD378,457.30 spent in 2022.
    • Implementing a biomass boiler project in Vietnam, reducing carbon footprint by approximately 11,440 tonnes annually.
    • Investing SGD1,850,000 in the Circulate Capital Ocean Fund I-B to combat ocean plastic waste and climate change.
Click on image to view the report
Click on image to view the report

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  • The Jebsen & Jessen Group was the first industrial company in South East Asia to achieve 100% carbon neutrality (since 2011)


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