Joining Forces for a Sustainable Future

Jebsen & Jessen Thailand’s Health & Wellness Committee organises a ​ Mangrove Planting Expedition at Bangpu Nature Reserve 🌿🌱

Thailand's Health & Wellness Committee recently organised a mangrove planting volunteer activity. With about 50 volunteers from our various business units, we came together at the serene Nature Reserve in Bangpu. Our mission? Planting trees in the beautiful mangrove forest.

The day started with an insightful introduction to the mangrove ecosystem, preparing us to embrace the wonders of nature and encounter diverse wildlife. From crabs and birds to mud-crawling fish, it was an immersive experience.

Getting our hands dirty, each participant planted five saplings in the muddy terrain, creating a mess that added to the fun and camaraderie. After finding homes for every sapling, we gathered at the nearby pier for picturesque photographs and a delicious seafood lunch, enjoying the ocean view and a sense of fulfilment.

This activity also provided a unique opportunity to foster stronger relationships among colleagues from different RBUs, bridging gaps and strengthening our connections.

The proximity of Bangkok to nature's wonders was evident, with the vast ocean and captivating wildlife serving as a reminder of the beauty surrounding us and the importance of preserving our precious mother earth.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Health & Wellness committee for organising this enjoyable event, allowing us to come together, work toward a common goal, and create lasting memories.


Photo credits: Khun Ananchai and Khun Nussaba

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