Crafting Water-Resistant Formulations with POLYAQUOL™ VO4

Discover the cutting-edge technology behind POLYAQUOL™ VO4 and how it enhances water resistance, making it a natural choice for lasting skincare and sun care products.

When it comes to personal care products, the importance of water-resistant formulations cannot be overstated. They offer excellent skin adhesion and long-lasting effects, particularly beneficial for outdoor and wet activities, ensuring your product stays put even in challenging conditions.

Understanding the Distinction: Water-Resistant vs. Waterproof

Before delving into the art of designing water-resistant formulations, it's crucial to differentiate between water-resistant and waterproof. While waterproof products are engineered to withstand water without breaking down or coming off the skin, water-resistant formulations have their unique appeal. They can resist water penetration up to a certain extent, striking a balance between comfort, breathability, and moisture retention, making them ideal candidates for both skincare and sun care products.

The Key to Crafting Water-Resistant Formulations

Designing an effective water-resistant formulation begins with careful ingredient selection. Hydrophobic ingredients that are insoluble in water play a pivotal role. However, an even better approach is to create a Water-and-Oil Fusion, or W+O emulsion, which enhances comfort and water resistance.

One innovative technology leading the way in this field is Innovacos' POLYAQUOL™ VO4. This patented breakthrough in emulsions goes beyond traditional emulsifiers. It literally fuses water and oil, offering a natural and palm-free origin. Moreover, it performs admirably even in the presence of 100% vegetable oil, making it a versatile choice for formulators.

Key Features of POLYAQUOL™ VO4:

  • Cosmos certification for natural origin
  • Cold-process compatibility
  • Unique sensorial properties
  • High internal aqueous phase (>80%)

Real-World Applications: Water-Resistant Testing

To witness the remarkable water-resistant properties in action, guide formulations incorporating POLYAQUOL™ VO4 are available. These formulations cover a range of products, from sun protection lotions to skin barrier boosters, all designed to offer lasting comfort and moisture retention, even in challenging conditions.


Incorporating water-resistant formulations into your personal care routine ensures that your products not only deliver results but also stay comfortable and effective throughout the day, regardless of your activities. With innovations like POLYAQUOL™ VO4, the future of water-resistant formulations looks brighter than ever.

To further enhance the capabilities of water-resistant formulations, consider incorporating these additional ingredients:

  • INNOLLIENT™ LO: A natural alternative to silicones, providing skin moisturization, emollience, and improved barrier function.
  • Activoil™ Spotless: A natural oil-soluble active ingredient that enhances skin luminosity and prevents UV-induced redness.
  • Activoil™ Echinidium: Another natural oil-soluble active ingredient with anti-PM2.5 properties, promoting skin repair and protection.
  • Nestdry ST 2000: A hydrophobic physical sunscreen that instantly brightens the skin while being non-toxic and non-irritating.
  • Omegamax™: A 100% natural nutrient oil rich in omega 3, 6, 7, 9, and vitamin E, perfect for repairing hair damage and providing emolliency.
  • AEROSIL® R972: Ideal for hydrophobic rheology control, oil thickening, and acting as a suspending agent in your formulations.

Incorporating these ingredients alongside POLYAQUOL™ VO4 ensures that your water-resistant formulations not only offer long-lasting performance but also cater to various skincare needs. To learn more about POLYAQUOL™ VO4 and our personal care solutions, please don't hesitate to contact our Personal Care team at Our lab services are always available to help you create the perfect formulations for lasting skin comfort and protection, even in challenging conditions.




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